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Lights, camera, market! Let us shine a spotlight on your indie film

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Lights, camera, market! Let us shine a spotlight on your indie film

Money & Violence (Season 1)

Money & Violence is a crime epic about gangsters, stick-up kids, hustlers, players and everyone in between set in a Brooklyn that is largely ignored by mainstream media. The gritty story lines center on compelling characters Rafe, Miz, Shane and Kane who navigate the streets, experiencing both the victories of being a wolf and the devastation of being caught as a sheep.

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Welcome to Deja Vu Film Distribution, the leading marketing solutions provider for indie filmmakers. Our passion lies in helping talented creators like you unleash the full potential of your films by employing strategic and results-driven marketing techniques. With our expertise in film distribution and promotion, we ensure that your masterpiece receives the recognition and exposure it deserves. From optimizing your film’s online presence to securing prime spots on popular streaming platforms like Web, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Fire TV, Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, and Freevee, our dedicated team will work tirelessly to elevate your film to new heights. Join us today and embark on a journey towards greater visibility, audience engagement, and success for your indie film.

Lights, camera, distribution: Let us navigate the path to success for your film.

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Your project is a labor of love, infused with your heart and soul. Let Deja Vu Film Distribution be the catalyst that propels your passion onto the world stage.

Catalog Updates

Pocket Full of Game 2

Its been fifteen years since Porsha Garcia left New York City and the cold streets of East Harlem. After the death of Fresh, the only man she would ever love. Porsha decided to take their unborn child and move to Puerto Rico in hopes of eluding the demons that haunted her for years. No matter how quickly Porsha moves, she cannot outrun her past. In a strange twist of fate, Porsha discovers that she has a lot more in common with her daughter Garibelle then she realizes. Gabrielle becomes the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree.

One Life to Live

Lyfe Benjamin fits the statistics that a good number of black men fall under in this country today; he’s young, uneducated black and lives a reckless life. Statistics say he will be incarcerated or dead by the age of twenty-five.


When lives are challenged the game will never be the same.

pocket full of game

Porsha is a female hustler who has it all money, beauty, respect. She earned it all by being loyal and respecting the codes of the street. A chance encounter with a stick up kid named Fresh introduces her to a whole new world.

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