Requirements for captions and text tracks (subtitles)

We require all content to be submitted with English closed captions.

Closed captions are mainly designed for hearing-impaired viewers. However, most streaming channels these days mandate closed captions for reasons besides physiological hearing issues. Your audience will often watch films on a laptop in a noisy cafe, or a tablet on a commuter train, or a TV in a bar – or simply at home in the kitchen with the sound of cooking and kids. Closed captions allow consumers in all these scenarios to enjoy your content comfortably.

Basic Requirements

  • We prefer SubRip (.srt) format in plain UTF-8. We recommend using a text editor such as BBEdit to open and re-save your .srt files in UTF-8.

  • Scenarist Closed Captions (.scc) is also accepted. A frame rate must be selected for SCC files. Learn more about SCC.

  • All text tracks should be completeaccurate, and should stay in sync with the video at all times.

  • Correct punctuation and spelling are important.

  • Avoid formatting tags.

For other file formats, you can use the below apps or web apps to convert to SubRip.