As your title goes through our meticulous technical quality control process and gets prepared for distribution, our acquisitions team at Deja Vu Film Distribution immediately starts developing a strategic plan to maximize revenue potential for your film. This involves strategizing how we will present your title to buyers worldwide, covering various rights types such as theatrical, streaming (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, FAST, EST), broadcast, Pay TV, and more. We also consider exclusive deals with other distributors for certain territories, while always ensuring we retain at least the US rights for your film. Once we have a solid plan in place and your title successfully passes quality control, we initiate the execution and pitching phase, targeting the most lucrative monetization opportunities. This could involve selling your title as an original across multiple platforms or pursuing flat fee deals on a platform-by-platform basis. We share the common goal of maximizing your film’s revenue potential, and if marketing investments are necessary, we will reach out to discuss the options with you.